Broke But Making Films’ “Bruised” at Write. Shoot. Cut. #3, May 14

Remaining a Writer

The third Write. Shoot. Cut event took place last night at the Banshee Rooms, Edinburgh. As well as “Bear” directed by Nash Edgerton, “You’re the Stranger Here” directed by Tom Geens, “Plagium” directed by Brady Hood, and “Scott Wilson – Tyncastle Announcer” directed by Jamie Wells and Pete Harper, we were subjected to the European première of Broke But Making Films’ “Bruised” and a Q&A with the producers Greg Hall and Paul Marlon, who directed and starred in the film respectively.

“Bruised” premièred at the Bootleg festival last Friday, scooping up the awards for Best Male and Female Actors for its two main parts. The more important date, though, is tomorrow, May 16, when the film will be made available to watch free on t’Internet via YouTube.

Greg Hall and Paul Marlon wrote the story collaboratively, while the words and fight scenes were improvised and developed on-shoot by the performers. Marlon is a staunch methodist (in the acting rather than the religious sense) his character alongsideClare McNamara’s fight-pimpwere developed over several months before filming.

The script, of course, was fixed before shooting began. I think it was Hitchcock who said “Yes the screenplay is finished, we just have to add the dialogue.”

Paul Marlon and Clare McNamara in “Bruised”.

Screenwriting and playwrighting courses I have studied on have tended to gloss over the creative contribution of others in the film-making process. It was interesting for me to see a successful film created to such a large extent by its actors, and which is far more character orientated than plot driven* – oh, and did I forget to mention it’s a film about Gypsy wrestling?

Of the other films featured “Bear” directed by Nash Edgerton was much more in my comfort zone as films go – and I certainly enjoyed it. Plot-driven as you could wish.

The fourth Write. Shoot. Cut. will be on June 11. The organiser Neil Rolland seems determined to make each programmebetter than the last – I’m a little scared to find out what he comes up with next.

* McKee enthusiasts who argue that plot and character are the same thing can frack off, frankly.

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