Stewed Rhubarb Press

Late one night in 2012, after a bottle of ginger wine, I founded Stewed Rhubarb, a small spoken-word poetry press with poet Rachel McCrum as co-editor. We won the Callum Macdonald Award for our first publication, The Glassblower Dances, and went on to publish fourteen more pamphlets, an anthology, and a parallel translation. In 2017, Rachel moved to Canada and Stewed Rhubarb went on indefinite hiatus.

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“This is the sort of breakthrough poetry needs. […] There’s something else about these publications. This is not just a group of performance poets who have managed to publish pamphlets rather well. If you look at them carefully, you will see a new fashion of poetry coming out of them, a city-based fashion, open about relationships and difficulties, humorous, sardonic and straightforward. Unimpressed with the past, the establishment and the universities, it is almost a movement, a movement which is new but has an affinity with the American beats.” – Sally Evans, Poetry Scotland Reviews

“Stewed Rhubarb is (appropriately both in terms of growth and nomenclature) strictly grassroots. […] Stewed Rhubarb is in tune with what the audience wants. […] The pamphlet production quality is pleasing, […] imaginative and successfully quirky. […] Stewed Rhubarb Press gathers work that strikes its editors as vibrant, regardless of how it might be categorised. […] Like its namesake, Stewed Rhubarb gives us the raucous, the irreverent, and a touch of a tang to titillate the senses.” – Andrew Sclater, Sphinx: all about poetry pamphlets